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Certified PROFIBUS System Designer

Peter Thomas,
  • 18.05.2022
  • 19.10.2022

It is widely accepted that many of the basic layout errors that are found in networked systems are made at the design stage.  The Certified PROFIBUS System Design course has been developed to provide specific training for managers, designers and engineers who are involved in the planning, specification, design and procurement of PROFIBUS systems. The Certified PROFIBUS System Design course assumes a basic familiarity with the rules for PROFIBUS network layout and installation and as such, the one-day Certified PROFIBUS Installer course is a prerequisite of this course. PROFIBUS System Designer

The 2.5-day, instructor-led, Certified PROFIBUS System Design course is a hardware orientated course which is concerned with the specification, selection, layout and configuration of parts to make a system with optimum performance, maintainability and availability.  The course aims to give the system designer in depth knowledge of the important considerations and techniques for designing cost effective and robust PROFIBUS networks. Network maintenance and health-checking are central to this concept as is the effect of layout on the impact of faults that may develop in terms of the frequency, extent and duration of failures that will inevitably occur during the lifetime of the plant.

The course aims to show how to avoid common design mistakes through informed and systematic system design and to produce optimum but flexible solutions for a range of applications and industries.  The Certified PROFIBUS System Design course has less hands-on content than the other certified courses.  However, the material covered reflects the practical methods used to design real systems.  Practical examples and case study material feature heavily in this course.

The Certified PROFIBUS system design course includes an appreciation of functional safety systems.  However, this is not a specialised safety system design course and in no way provides a substitute for proper safety system training.  Similarly, the course covers design requirements for intrinsically safe systems for operation in hazardous environments, but is not a substitute for proper Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) training. The Certified PROFIBUS System Design course will make the designer aware of the requirements for functional safety systems and hazardous environments and the additional training that might be required. PROFIBUS System Designer.

Control Specialists Ltd provide training and support to the process and factory automation industries. We provide site-based and scheduled training courses and are active members of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International and are a PROFIBUS & PROFINET International Training Centre (PITC) and a PROFIBUS & PROFINET International Competency Centre (PICC).

Peter Thomas of Control Specialists Ltd has been the Chairman of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International Training Centre Working Group since 2015. He is also the Deputy Chairman and Technical Officer of PI UK, the UK regional association of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International.

Contact: cslsales(at) or +44(0)1925 824003.

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