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Water Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring - WWEM

  • 21.11.2018 - 22.11.2018

PI UK lined up to present at UK's largest environmental monitoring event.

WWEM 2018 will be the eighth in a series that began in 2005, and AQE 2018 will be the tenth in a series that began in 2002. As specialist events focusing on the regulations, Standards, methods and technologies in environmental monitoring, enormous synergy is created by running them together.


PROFIBUS & PROFINET International - PI UK recognises the importance of this event, and is a regular supporter both as an exhibitor and with presentations in the technical sessions.

About WWEM

The WWEM (Water Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring) events have grown year on year, and AQE (Air Quality & Emissions) has expanded beyond recognition. "Many of the delegates for these events work in both emissions to air and wastewater, so this will be great news for them," comments organiser Marcus Pattison. However, and it's a big however, these events are feverishly busy; each with a packed workshop programme running alongside a conference, all of which is CPD accredited, so the need for delegates to plan their visit is even greater than usual.

PI UK will be on exhibiting some of its technology on stand 114 and will also presenting on both days of the event, with presentations entitled:

  • PROFINET for IoT, IIoT and IND 4.0
  • New PI Guidelines for Functional Bonding and Shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: PROFIBUS within the Water & Wastewater Industry
  • PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance - Essential Tools and Training
  • IO-Link Technology

Anyone planning to attend should register at By registering, visitors will be eligible for free parking and refreshments, as well as free entry to both exhibitions and all workshops. The exhibitions will feature over 230 companies representing more than 400 manufacturers, and there will be a total of over 140 free technical workshops to choose from.

In addition to the updates on regulations that will be provided by many of the conference speakers, each exhibition will feature a 'Regulators Stand' providing help and advice from the regulators of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland.

The WWEM 2018 Conference programme is being developed and supported by leading associations including SWIG (Sensors for Water Interest Group), the Pump Centre, WRc, CIWEM, BMSS, PI UK, CoGDEM, GAMBICA, WIPAC (Water Industry Process Automation and Control) and the RSC (Water Science Forum & Separation Science Groups). Consequently, conference delegates can be assured of high quality, topical content.

Both AQE 2018 and WWEM 2018 will take place at the Telford International Centre, (UK) which benefits from a number of local hotels. However, with a high proportion of visitors likely to attend over both days, the organisers are recommending early booking.

More information about PI's presentations

Derek Lane, WAGO - PROFINET for IoT, IIoT and IND 4.0

A short journey to explain IIoT The Industrial Internet of things, IND4.0 from IND1.0 and Big Data. How PROFINET is placed as the ideal Industrial Fieldbus to fulfil the above, how its implemented and why you should consider it. Some of the myths explained.

Peter Thomas, Control Specialists - New PI Guidelines for Functional Bonding and Shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET

The ever-increasing use of high frequency switching devices in industrial automation can result in high frequency currents circulating in an equipotential bonding network that was not designed for this purpose. The absence of a proven low-impedance bonding network can result in these currents taking alternative, and often undesirable routes. Occasionally these will be the shields of industrial network cables such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET that in turn can lead to intermittent communications problems. This presentation will discuss the issues in more detail and will explain the relevance of the recently released PI guidelines “Functional Bonding and Shielding for PROFIBUS and PROFINET”.

Chris McComb, iTech - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Profibus within the Water & Wastewater Industry

iTech are currently on the Scottish Water E&M Framework. This presentation will address the following areas of concern, education and remedial action:

  • Concept Design – How to, when to and where to
  • Installation – Show, tell and do
  • Training – Design,  installation, and overall engineering
  • Non-conformance/failure – test, modify, test

Dave Evans, Balluff - IO-Link Technology

This presentation will be covering what a typical IO-Link solution consists of, how it interfaces to the control system and the benefits that can be derived from this increased level of communication with IO-Link devices. These include: easier handling of measurement signals, remote and automatic device parameterisation, smart sensor diagnostic functions, safety over IO-Link whilst also being an enabler for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 strategies.

Richard Needham, HiPort Controls - PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance - Essential Tools and Training

Special tools are needed to help ensure that new PROFIBUS connected installations provide robust, long lasting operational reliability and resilience, and later that the originally achieved levels of performance are being maintained. We outline what can be expected of such tools, how and when they should be used and the important network performance indicators that can be checked. Formal reports from the tools, taken at or soon after first system acceptance, then provide an extremely valuable benchmark against which to compare future measurements in the years ahead. The need for comprehensive training in PROFIBUS basics and how to use each tool effectively is emphasised.

More information and registration:

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