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Certified OPC Professional Courses - Date to be confirmed

Bob Squirrell,
  • 28.02.2012

MMU has teamed up with The OPC Training Institute to host hands-on OPC workshops:

Level 1: OPC and DCOM Diagnostics 

Level 2: OPC Security 

The Certified OPC Professional (COP) courses provide Automation professionals with the right skills to properly utilize OPC technology to improve plant efficiency and control. Each course offers practical hands-on experience you can apply immediately. Graduates will know exactly how to setup (or troubleshoot) an OPC connection and make it secure the instant they enter the plant.

* Vendor Neutrality: The OPC Training Institute does not sell its own products or integration services. So students can focus on learning OPC and don’t have to bother with a sales presentation. They use products from a variety of vendors so you’ll get well-rounded and unbiased knowledge about different problem solving methods.

* Structured Approach: The OPC Training Institute understands that most people gained their experience through trial-and-error. So the courses present a structure in which students can easily organize their existing thoughts and experiences. They will then be able to competently plan and execute automation projects that use OPC.

* Theory and Practice: The workshops are highly practical. Each lesson provides theory and immediately follows with hands-on exercises to solidify the concepts. This keeps students constantly engaged and hungry for more. Equally important, you\'ll find out how to eliminate inconsistent application behavior by troubleshooting OPC, DCOM, and Web Services connectivity issues. You\'ll also learn OPC Best Practices to avoid common pitfalls.

Improve your technical skills and provide your company with a robust communication infrastructure that\'s ready for Operations, Instrumentation, Engineering, and IT personnel.

Here is a brief overview of the workshops

Level 1: OPC and DCOM Diagnostics Students learn about OPC and how to troubleshoot and repair DCOM problems. The class covers the most common OPC specifications: OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC A&E, OPC UA, and OPC Xi. Students also get to practice OPC concepts such as client/server architecture, tunneling, bridging, and redundancy.

Level 2: OPC Security Students learn how to secure their OPC implementation by configuring their firewall, Data Execution Prevention, Windows Authentication, Access Control Lists (ACL), Windows Services, Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) implementation, and how to continuously monitor the health of their real-time communication system. This enables plants to comply with IT, industrial, and federal regulations.

Learning Environment: Students will collaborate in pairs, with a laptop PC running applications and freely available analysing software, Wireshark. All necessary software licenses are provided. The software used is from various vendors to expose students to a variety of solutions and ensure a vendor-neutral message.

\"The OPC course is well structured, interesting and excellently presented!\" - delegate at the workshops held at Manchester in September 2011

The workshops are designed for and very pertinent to:

(1) DCS engineers
(2) Database engineers: People who are interested in real-time production data
(3) Other data historian/archiving engineers: those who know PI, AspenTech InfoPlus21, Siemens/Honeywell/ABB Historian systems.
(4) PLC engineers who need data from PLC to Excel or other Microsoft office applications.


or call Ann on +44 207 193 8018 for available dates and prices

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