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Videojet VJ1880

Product name:
Videojet VJ1880


Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

Videojet Technologies Inc.

1500 N. Mittel Blvd.
60191 Wood Dale
United States

Dennis Doyle
Tel 630-278-9365

Product description:

The Videojet 1880 CIJ printer builds upon comprehensive insights gained from the fleet of cloud-connected Videojet printers, the largest in the industry, to enable your journey towards Industry 4.0. With a built-in vital sign monitoring system, smart alerts, on-demand remote technical support, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an advanced automated troubleshooting program, the 1880 anticipates potential printer issues in time for you to avoid them and enables you to recover faster should downtime still occur. Harness digital capabilities - Reduce downtime with the Videojet MAXIMiZETM advanced diagnostics suite - React sooner to faults and minimize the need for on-site service calls with VideojetConnect Remote ServiceTM - Recover from faults more quickly with RapidRecoverTM automated troubleshooting Right code at the right quality - Detect when printhead cleaning is required with the 1880 ink build-up sensor - Simplify cleaning procedures to just a push of a button with the 1880 Auto-Rinse Minimize operator interruptions - Go longer between printhead cleanings with intelligent start-stop sequence -  Easily accommodate operator-performed annual maintenance.

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