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RMC150E Motion Controller

Product name:
RMC150E Motion Controller

Servo Motion Controller (up to 8 axes)

Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

DELTA Computer Systems, Inc.

1818 SE 17th Street
98604 Battle Ground, WA
United States

Tim Gessner
Tel (360) 702-0171

Product description:

The RMC150 series of motion controllers offer a valuable combination of performance and ease-of-use for systems with up to 8 axes of motion.


With powerful control modes–including dual-loop position-pressure algorithms–and multiple feedback types, the RMC150 series provides optimum control to a wide range of hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic position and position–pressure/force applications.


Delta’s RMCTools software handles setup, programming, tuning and diagnostics for the RMC200, RMC150 and RMC75 controllers. Excellent graphing features and easy-to-use wizards complement its user programs designed specifically for motion sequences.


The RMC150E supports PROFINET to integrate easily with your favorite PLCs, PCs and HMIs.


Consider the RMC75 for 1- or 2-axis applications or the RMC200 for applications requiring more axes.

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