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MicroScannerâ„¢ PoE

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MicroScannerâ„¢ PoE

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Over 50% of Industrial Network problems are related to cabling. Fluke's Microscanner products identify the most common problems found on PROFINET and other ethernet based cables.

Product types:
Tools, Analyser

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Fluke Deutschland GmbH

In den Engematten 14
79286 Glottertal

Fax +49 69 222220 224
Tel Tel +49 69 222220 223

Product description:

Test a cable in a few seconds before replacing it.   MicroScanner's  user interface makes testing fast, easy, and crystal clear.    Most everything electricians technicians need to know about a cable's contnuity and connections  (see the Versiv product line for testing signal loss and EMI susceptability that can cause intermittant problems) , including available services (10/100/1000 Ethernet, PoE), cable length, wiremap, cable ID, and distance to fault all are displayed on one oversized backlit screen. Built-in IntelliTone digital and analog toning precisely locates virtually any cable or wire pair even on active networks. Ergonomic design features sleek rubber over mold to enhance grip and ruggedness. Includes carry case.  

MicroScanner products are affordable enough for each electrician and technician to keep in their toolbox.


Key features of the MS-POE

  • Distance (feet or meters) to fault or cable end
  • Works on cables with RJ45 connectors
  • Supports PROFINET and other protocols
  • Simple to use - Connect cable and press green button
  • Graphic display to see the exact problem
  • Built-in tone generator to trace cables
  • Identifies PoE power that the switch will provide
  • Small enough to fit in your tool bag
  • Backlit display for dark locations


Cable Faults Diagnosed

  • Open on any wires or shield
  • Shorts between 2 or more wires
  • Crossed wires
  • Crossed pairs
  • Split pairs that cause cross talk
  • View individual pairs for distance to fault
  • Identify inactive and active device and its Ethernet speed


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