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DSX-602 CableAnalyzer™

Product name:
DSX-602 CableAnalyzer™

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The DSX-602 CableAnalyzer is a reliable certification tool for structured twisted pair copper cabling from Cat 3 / Class C to Cat 6A / Class EA. It delivers speed and reliability that makes you more efficient and productive.

Product types:
Tools, Analyser

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Certification number:

Fluke Deutschland GmbH

In den Engematten 14
79286 Glottertal

Fax +49 69 222220 224
Tel +49 69 222220 223

Product description:

Essential certification of copper, twisted pair structured cabling from Cat 3 / Class C through Cat 6A / Class EA

The DSX-600 from Fluke Networks provides essential Cat 6A and Class EA Copper Certification featuring ten second test times and advanced user interface. 

  • Cat 6A and Class EA Copper Certification
  • Includes Channel Measurement Adapters; Optional rugged Permanent Link Adapters with removable test plug and M12 D Channel Measurement Adapters available.
  • 10 second Cat 6A test time
  • ProjX™ Management System makes test setup fast and foolproof
  • HDTDX and HDTDR diagnostics pinpoint fault location
  • Integrates with LinkWare™ Live to manage jobs and testers from any smart device.
  • Quickly and easily create professional custom PDF reports with LinkWare™ PC.
  • Support for PROFINET plant acceptance in the industry


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